About the NDS

Our Members

The National Daffodil Society (NDS) was founded in 1926 and has many members throughout New Zealand, as well as members from overseas, all with the same passion and enthusiasm for daffodils.

Some of our NDS members grow many hectares of daffodils for cut flowers and for selling bulbs while others grow a ‘patch’ of daffodils for exhibiting and breeding new varieties.  Many NDS members grow a large variety of daffodils, including miniatures in pots.

Areas throughout New Zealand have representatives from the Society to liaise between members and the NDS.  Most areas have active groups that organize get-togethers and events such as table shows and informative meetings.  To learn more about these groups, go to our ‘Daffodil Clubs Near You‘ page to find a representative in your area.

Although daffodils are considered to be a spring flowering plant, they can actually bloom for a much longer period of time.  There are autumn flowering varieties that flower and sustain their blooms right through winter.   However, it is spring when the main flowering occurs and this is when daffodils enthusiasts throughout the country meet at their favourite shows.


The National Daffodil Society has two primary shows each spring, one the North Island and one in the South Island.  NDS members from throughout the country gather at these shows for a weekend of competition and for a very enjoyable time.  At these shows, everyone gets to see the latest varieties while every bloom entered is considered for Champion Bloom of the show, the ultimate accolade.

There are smaller shows held in many communities around the country, and to find one close to you, please look at our Events & Show Calendar page.  If you are interested in growing daffodils, try to attend a daffodil show near you and make yourself known to the exhibitors.  Better still, bring your daffodils and you will receive a warm welcome and help with staging your blooms.  Who knows, it may be the start of an interesting and absorbing hobby for you!

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If you are interested in our favourite flower and would like to join New Zealand’s National Daffodil Society, then please go to our ‘Join’ page.  We look forward to seeing you at our events!